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Chic Wedding Studio 


The Chic Studio has been the home of Olga Thomas/Chic Wedding Photography for the past 9 years years. In 2013, Olga started sharing the studio with two of her best friends, Jackie Barutha ( and her photographer friend Lottie. This is how the idea of a shared studio concept was born. Olga's love for vintage inspired, unique items turned the beautiful loft into a truly amazing, inspirational artists’ studio. The gorgeous loft, along with the props collected over the years, are today available to compliment the artistic craft of others. The studio is open to other professionals to rent. In addition to serving as a creative workspace for other artists, it functions as the studio/office of Olga Thomas Photography hosting Olga's client meetings, newborn sessions and boudoir photo shoots.


Much more than just a workspace, this is truly the environment where magic happens. Ideas are born, wine is had, and laughs are shared. If you visit us, you may very well walk into a scene of loud laughing, Olga and her friend Jackie shouting across the studio and sharing what some may deem slightly “inappropriate” personal stories. You may also walk in and see Olga skype-dancing with her BF Alisha who is currently studing Arabic in Jordan. Within our creative roles we find balance amid working together. We are all somewhat of the yin to another’s yang.

This is a space for our love affair with the intangible. It’s a space for building memories with our staff and our clients, as we are all just one big extension of family. We are here to invite you to be a part of our wildness and love. We take our work very seriously, but nothing is ever too serious that we forget how to live our lives with great joy and celebration. We feel that is a reflection of who we are, and the work we put out. In short, we are plotting to take over the world, one photo, and one laugh at a time.


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