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Chic Wedding Day

photography & videography  team


10 talented, creative, beautiful women inside and out
10 different photography and editing styles
10 different personalities


dive in and find your match!

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owner & lead photographer of Chic Wedding Day


Each of us has on her page, the dots representing different styles. The dots are meant to help you identify the photography styles we use in our personal approach.



Most photographers incorporate a mix of styles in their approach, however  you will usually find that each photographer has one style that is more prominent than the others. We have outlined a guide to help better clarify the language used in the world of photography.

Editing Styles


Most people think “classic” and respond with a cringe, thinking of their parents conventional wedding photos. Wedding photography has been seen as very stiff and posed, with an emphasis on formal studio type portraiture and the photographer “setting up” or recreating key moments like the first kiss, exchange of rings, and cake cutting.  Fortunately, wedding photography has changed a LOT over the years due to the advent of digital photography and photographers drawing on other styles like photojournalism and fine art. You would be hard pressed to find a photographer who photographs weddings using that very traditional approach anymore. The contemporary classic style of wedding photography still emphasizes portraits, but without the stiffness of the past. This is the most prevalent style you will see in today’s wedding industry. You may also see this style described as timeless and editorial.

If you want an emphasis on portraits with a more relaxed approach this is the style for you! Most classic wedding photographers combine portraiture with a photojournalistic view for the pre-ceremony, ceremony, and reception. This methodology yields an authentic and beautiful collection of finished photographs for one of the most memorable days of your life!


Photojournalism is a term that gets thrown around a lot regarding wedding photography. By definition, photojournalism is: “the art or practice of communicating news stories by photographs.”  The job of a photojournalist is to tell a story without altering, or influencing that story.  You may also hear this style described as candid, documentary, or modern.

Photojournalism blends well with other styles of photography and many photographers spend at least a portion of the day this way. 

Fine art /romantic

Fine art portraiture, or the romantic style,  is distinctive with its attention to detail.  A good fine art photographer is one who thinks outside the box to create unique portraits.  

The goal is to produce a mood, often causing the photo to appear edgy or even mysterious. True fine art photography is gorgeous when done right.  This style is perfect for couples who love the dreamy, vintage-inspired images you encounter on Style Me Pretty and other major wedding blogs.



Contemporary/ Illustrative

Contemporary wedding photography is heavily influenced by editorial fashion photography. The emphasis is on creating high impact, visually engaging images. Although shots are set up, they are less formal and rigid. The photographer finds unique locations that serve as a backdrop and help to create photos that are as individual and spectacular as each client. With the use of unusual angles to create compelling light effects, the magazine-style images are often clean and vibrant.



With the clean editing process, the photographer adjusts the white balance, contrast and saturation. They will retouch skin blemishes and other distracting imperfections while keeping the true feel of the photo intact.




The photographer continues processing further with the use of filters and presets to adjust the mood and feel of the images. It`s an approach that the more unconventional, those who are seeking something a little less traditional, tend to adore.


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