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Let`s talk bridal boudoir

It's the morning of your wedding day. You and your bridesmaids are toasting to your pending nuptials with mimosas.  You are anxiously waiting to share your "I do’s" with the love of your life. Everything is in its place, from your hair to your bridesmaids to the flowers. As you sit in the hand-embroidered robe you found on Etsy, you go through your checklist in your head: you have your something borrowed, something blue, something old, and something new. And more importantly, you have a very special gift on its way to your soon-to-be husband. All the time you’ve been together as a couple, you’ve wanted to give him something special: something unexpected and even better, something that will make him blush.


No one would argue that the bride is the focus of any given wedding. But you. You only have eyes for him. That's why you want him to feel just as special as you do.


All the painstaking planning that you and your soon to be husband went through over the last few months have brought you to this day. It is finally here! All your anticipation and excitement in these moments are being felt by him too. So when his best man comes into the groom's suite and hands him a very special gift from you, he's overcome by an electric curiosity. He can't wait to open it.


He is handed a beautifully wrapped book, and as the ribbon falls from his lap, he eagerly turns the pages, and sees images of his bride to be, and he cannot wait to marry this sensuous and surprising woman. To have and to hold. The meanings of this phrase abound as he realizes all that he has in you. The alluring and intoxicating photos that are in his hands are just a glimpse into the  future he will share with his beautiful wife.


Be brave, be adventurous and craft this unique with me. Use my studio, your home, or an outdoor secluded location to create a once in a lifetime gift for the one you love. Me and Dani, our make-up / hair stylist can`t wait to make you feel and look your most beautiful.


            For all the info on boudoir photography please visit my boudoir website      


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