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Arina & Razvan-  Elopement in Paris

While there is almost nothing we love more than a gorgeous couple surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones to celebrate their union, we have to acknowledge that the traditional wedding is not for everyone. And furthermore, we live in a world where we don't have to follow the cookie cutter version of what a wedding, bride or groom should do or be. We are so lucky to be able to embrace it all! We strive to spark inspiration and conversation around other options that couples may have for their wedding day. This particular styled shoot that we did in Paris is a wonderful story to show the beauty of eloping. And let's be honest: probably every couple who has planned their wedding, while deep in the minutiae of vendors, flowers, music, seating charts, and pleasing the in-laws, has entertained the idea of eloping. Although most couples eventually do prevail through the stressful planning and have their traditional wedding, we don’t believe that one version of celebrating marriage is better than the other. Either way, we are able to see such gorgeous celebrations of love captured in their photographs. 


It’s 2015. A bridal gown does not have to be white, cream, ivory or egg shell. A bride does not have to wear a veil. A wedding does not need to take place in a church. A bride and groom do not have to be a man and woman. We have let go of the rigid ways that have kept us boxed in, thinking of what a wedding should be. This is a day that is meant to celebrate the love of two people, so let’s start making new traditions! Let’s start bringing back the focus of a wedding to truly being about the couple. We want to start the conversation of being genuinely true to each couple, their style, and their needs and wants. In this particular styled shoot, we celebrate in the City of Love using the Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge and a small intimate restaurant in Monmartre. We hope that our photographs help inspire those less traditional couples, and show how they can break the mold and try something that is truly devoted to what they want for their very special day. So to all of our brides and grooms out there, we say, "beaucoup d'amour! "(Much Love!)


Dress from Zita Bridal Salon , designed by Kelly Faetanini
Invitations and menus : Paperwhites, LLC
Hear piece and belt : Jaxie
Dinner Location: La Maison Rose
Photography: Olga Thomas Photography

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